Policies and common questions

Q: What's your return policy? 

A: Stock items may be returned within 30 days of purchase for store credit. We cannot offer returns for custom made items. 

Q: How do I order custom jewelry?

A: Send a request to jaclyn@jkbushjewelers.com with details about the jewelry you would like to make. Please include pictures of your inspiration if you have any!
After discussing your inspiration and needs, the custom process proceeds in 4 steps or milestones:

  1. Drawing of design
  2. Inspection of any material to be reused
  3. Carving of wax based on design
  4. Casting, stone setting, and finishing of custom piece

Progressive payments are expected at certain points following client approval. 

Q: How much does a custom piece of jewelry cost?

A: It depends on the piece of jewelry you want; an estimate is given after a design has been approved by the client and any material to be reused has been inspected (at Milestone 2). We can incorporate stones from jewelry you already own into a new piece of jewelry, and that can save some money. Precious metal may also be exchanged for credit towards custom work; some metals may be melted into a new piece. We reserve the right to refuse to reuse certain materials.

Q: Can I reuse metal in a new piece of jewelry? 

A: Depends on the metal. To be sure your new jewelry has the strength to withstand everyday wear, our policy is to reuse only yellow gold up to 50% of the weight of the new piece. All other metals can be traded for credit towards the cost of new jewelry. 

Q: Do you buy stones? 

A: No, but we can set them into a new piece of jewelry for you.