Custom Jewelry

This gallery is a collection of a few of the pieces that have been made at a client's special request. Custom jewelry can be done in silver, gold, and/or platinum; items in the shop can also be altered to fit your needs. Fill out the "Contact Us" form to start designing your own custom jewelry.

Tahitain Pearl Suite in 14K White Gold

The suite included a pair of Tahitian pearl studs, a ring, and a necklace. The settings for the pearl in the necklace and the ring were hand fabricated from 14KX1 white gold. This alloy is especially white and does not require rhodium plating to maintain its color.

14K Yellow Gold & Platinum Calla Lily Ring

A handmade, 14K yellow gold ring with a platinum lining beneath the center stone. Set with diamonds.

14K White and Rose Gold with Tanzanite Ring

A 14K, two-tone band set with a tanzanite. The white gold is a 14KX1 alloy, which is white enough on its own to not require rhodium plating to maintain its color.

Sterling Silver Hoopoe Bird Ring with Black Diamonds

This ring replaced a wedding band the client previously lost. Black diamonds are set in the eyes of the birds and the details are oxidized for contrast.

14K White Gold Ring Guard

The sapphire engagement ring was provided by the client. The ring guard on the left was made to match the engagement ring. As a wax, it was pressed into the engagement ring so that both pieces fit flush when they are worn together.

18K White Gold Shadow Band

The client provided the engagement ring on the bottom. The shadow band was made to match the engagement ring. As a wax, the shadow band was pressed into the engagement ring so that both pieces fit flush when worn together.

Grey Moissanite and Platinum Ring

The client provided a video of the ring after which this ring's mounting was designed. The ring in which this moissanite is set was hand-fabricated from platinum stock and wire.

14K White Gold Sapphire Engagement Ring with Diamonds

This engagement ring began with the request that the center stone be a sapphire. That was followed with three sketches. After the favorite design was selected, a wax was made, all materials were purchased new, and the ring was completed based on the drawing.

Silver Ring for Turquoise Cabochon

A Sterling silver, bezel set ring for a unique turquoise cabochon.

14K Yellow Gold Wedding Band

This client had some old family jewelry that he wanted to reuse to make a wedding band for himself. He also wanted a simple design for a wedding band. Half of the weight of the wedding band was new gold, and the other half was melted down family gold. The rest of the family gold was traded for credit towards this custom's total price.

14K Two Tone Wedding Band

The design of this wedding band's yellow center was carved in wax and then soldered to the white lining. It was designed for a client that enjoys woodworking and working with his hands.

Platinum Wedding Band

This wedding band was designed to match the metal and contours of the wedding set the client designed for his fiancé. It features beveled edges and a comfort fit.

10K Wedding Band

Years ago, this client lost his original wedding band. This wedding band was made as a replacement. Half of its weight consists of an old high school ring provided by the client and the other half is new gold.

14K Yellow Gold Leo Medallion

A hand-carved Leo medallion. This was given as a graduation gift for a client's son.

Silver Tiki Cufflink Variations

These cufflinks were made as wedding favors for guests to a wedding in Hawaii. The basic version is plain silver. Embellished versions were made for family and the wedding party. Some of the embellishments included yellow gold "crowns" above the eyebrows and/or diamonds set in the eyes. Peridots are set in the eyes of the tikis at the top.

Brass Money Clip

The client (a Stoic enthusiast) provided this coin and wanted it made into a money clip. Client also provided a picture of a money clip design that he liked. The money clip and the setting for the coin were hand-fabricated from brass sheet and stock.

14K Yellow Gold Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Earrings

These earrings were custom made with Tahitian pearls and diamonds. The earrings were designed to match a ring the client already owned.

14K Yellow Gold Earrings

Custom yellow gold earrings with lever backs for green stones.

14K White Gold Ruby and Diamond Earrings

These earrings were made in the place of an engagement ring for the client's fiancé. The client's significant other had a career that prevented her from wearing an engagement ring regularly.

Green Sapphire Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

These rings were commissioned by the groom. The diamonds were repurposed from his mother's jewelry, and the bride sourced the sapphire.

Layered Colored Stone and Sterling Silver Necklace

A set of necklaces that can be worn all together or individually.

14K Yellow Gold and Pearl Brooch

After selecting her favorite from a few designs, the metal was recycled from different pieces (including one stray earring) to make this brooch.

14K White Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant

A hand-fabricated white gold pendant for a diamond and aquamarine.

A Family of Wedding Bands

The 14K yellow gold shadow band with the marquise diamonds (top and far left) was custom made for the bride's engagement ring. The two tone ring (middle) was made for the groom, and consists of Sterling Silver with a 14K yellow gold embellishment. The Sterling Silver Twist Ring (far right) was bought as a gift for the bride's daughter.